Rulers of the House

There is nothing better than relaxing at home with the RULERS of the house!!!

Christmas Morning 2004





Genisim Killer Queen

Bred by Ms. J. Simms in the UK and imported by our friend, Don Johnson, Killer came to live with us as a mature bitch.  Now, the grandma of the kennel, and the chief Matriarch of the household, Killer lives up to her name each and every day by guarding the CooDeeFoo cottage from the intrusion of any foreign devils. She'll hang on a pant leg in a second if she doesn't know the person :)!!! She is the mother of champions: Levi and Ellie Mae and Carmen.


"The Homely Poodle"

Tina came to us from the streets when she accidentally ran beneath our car in the middle of a swamp.  Evidently, she had been abandoned, as she was skin and bones and covered with ticks and fleas.  At first, she was totally exhausted from her ordeal.  However, on the third day, she escaped from the bathroom, and crawled into bed with us, where she has been ever since.  She's a pushy bitch which sometimes gets her into trouble with Killer.  Her favorite place to sleep is buried beneath the covers at Gene's feet.  Gene is known to take her side... when she OFTEN gets herself into trouble.  We are happy to report that she's now a little too fat!!!


Tina getting comfortable on the bed pillows...

Tina "the Pest" and her favorite toy, that she wants you to throw for her, over and over and over !!!!!


Randy & Elsie, near Highlands, N.C.


The "Gang" tagging along in Charleston after a weekend trip to a dog show!!

Tina, Elsie, & Killer

Moo and Tin

Elsie read the paper.



Elsie loves to wrestle.


Better watch out, Essie. La Moo is jealous!!!



Ezzie was rescued by Gene's brother, Roger, from a box trap in the woods while he was deer hunting.  She arrived at CooDeeFoo in a croaker sack and as wild as a buck.  Gene raised her in the kennel, so she thinks she's a Pekingese.  A skilled hunter, she's always bringing her prey to the Pekes.  She thinks Rojo and Libby are really her babies, and can't understand why they won't eat voles and chipmunks.  It's certainly a peculiar sight to see her among the Pekes, being chewed on and wrestled with... Ezzie seems content with the life of a Peke.

Olive Oil

One of seven kittens born to a stray cat aka "Louise the Whore Cat"  under a bush in the garden, "Olive Oil" found a permanent home at CooDeeFoo.  With some difficulty, her mother, five sisters, and a brother were placed in other homes.  All got fixed!!!  White and once upon a time, skinny, Olive grew a bit chunkier like the rest of us :)!!! Olive lived to be 20 + yrs old!!! She crossed the rainbow bridge in 2007.

Martha Sue Gaines-Hathala

 Martha Sue was born by c-section to a cat that took up at our neighbor's house.  Gene raised them on a bottle, until their mother was strong enough to care for them.  Martha Sue was a "present" for his hard work.  A true Southern Blue-Blood, she was named for our neighbor's mother, she lives up to her name every day.  Even George is scared of her!!!!!


George in a Box...

What's the postage for an 18 pound "Gray Hairy Beast" ?????

George asleep under the Christmas tree.

Is Christmas over YET ? ? ? ?

Laid-Back George!



Entry to Smokey, Hotdog, and Earle's home.

Three of the big dogs.

Jack & Smoky, with Hotdog in the background.

Jack died Thanksgiving evening 2006... He was 11+ yrs old. 


Tina & Elsie in a hotel at a dog show.

Tina usually doesn't come with us to dog shows anymore, because she is TOO much of a whiner in the car.

Elsie on the butterfly crate pad that Lynnea made for her.

In 2004, Sasha came to live at CooDeeFoo.  Discovered by Gene's brother, Roger, in a trailer filled with garbage and crawling with roaches, Sasha's original owners abandoned her when they moved.  She survived about three weeks eating roaches and drinking from a toilet, before Roger found her when he entered the trailer to clean it out, so new tenants could move in.  He called Gene and Randy and Sasha came to CooDeeFoo. Her full name is 'Sasha the Kitchen Cat', because she never left the kitchen for the first few days-after being rescued from that trailer.. finally she had discovered the source of the food.

On the night of July 4th, 2004, Sasha delivered four kittens- just what we needed- right!!!  So in 2004, we raised kittens instead of Peke puppies.  We had forgotten how much fun kittens could be. But OH can they wreck a house!!!  This is Sasha's daughter, Helen, named in honor of Helen Adams- a lady Gene very much admires. She knows she is beautiful.  And just as a foot note- all CooDeeFoo cats are now spayed and neutered.  We're too old to do that kitten thing again :)!!!

Look at me...I'm a CooDeeFoo Princess!!!

This is brother, Jerry.  He knows he is very handsome.  He is ignoring  little Martha Sue, the Southern Blue Blood!!!

Maybe one day, Martha Sue will be nice to me!

Just can't wait to make it to this couch at the end of the day!!

This is Alma....

Our latest feline addition... "Delilah"

Thanks to Carol Hayduk for giving this beautiful cat to Gene.

Jeremy- 3 lb sleeve Pekingese sired by Ch. Taeplace Monet out of CooDeeFoo Taliesin.

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