Lisa on our visit to Gina's "rivah" house  ... summer 2007....

This is the "rivah" and Gina's dock.

Gene's brother Roger at the beach. 


Nephew "Jordan" with puppy "Roger" named for their dad. 

Roger's sons Jordan and Garrett.



 Bill with his Sahara


Randy and Bill in Highlands.





Our "Friend" Annette Ballard, from Tennessee, taking home one of our babies, "Myra Mae" 

Annette and Don Johnson

They couldn't be talking about "Dogs" could they????

Our friend Gina when we first met her in 2001.  She and  Lisa came down to Central to take home "Lucy".....

Gina and her mother..... 




CooDeeFoo Time after Time


Gina holding Tia, with Lisa, Gene & Randy                                                 Lisa holding Tia






Gina now has our "Miss Tia"... Tia is a litter sister to Hank & Cher on the Homebred Champions page......


Lisa with her baby Luigi




Provincetown, Mass.

Summer, 2001

A picture from a boat looking toward the P-Town

in the background is the famous Pilgrim Monument










The prettiest girl in Texas, Stephanie Vogelpohl

Steph with Revo looking up at his "Mommie"

"Take me home"

Stephanie in her cozy home in Dallas, Texas

                                                                                                Stephanie and Gene with Revo and Evie.




Randy & classmate, Jean

Randy's friend, Linda, from work at Winn-Dixie

This picture was taken during a Sept.11, first year memorial at the store

Our Friend, David Moses & Savanah from Asheville







Our neighbor, Joe, working on his roof.


The beautiful sunset from ClearWater Beach... Felicia took this shot. 


Ben & Jennifer with 'lil Roger on Christmas Day at Miss Irene's house.




Ch. Hylite Dreamboat Randy

Was able to put the finishing major on Carol's Dreamboat Randy at the 2006 Lancaster PA Specialty show, ALLEGHENY PEKINGESE CLUB.



Hylite Pekingese 

Carol Hayduk....

Carol pictured with Aero..









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